How to Be Sexually Irresistible to Women - And Make Them Pester You For Sex

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So many guys fantasize about women pestering them for sex and more sex.
Wouldn't it be nice if you just relaxed, sat back and waited for girls to call you up to seduce you? It's a great dream, but it's not reality.
The fact is, guys have trouble making women feel attracted enough to sleep with them.
The strategy to making women want more sex from you is pretty simple: make her enjoy doing it with you all the time, particularly the first time you do it.
Get her hooked on you by showing her that there is a much pleasurable way of ending dates and saying goodbye while you're inside your parked car.
The key to making her enjoy love making is to make her feel comfortable when you're doing it.
Comfort is essential to a woman when making love, and the truth is, she will not be able to have an orgasm if she doesn't reach a certain level of comfort.
Get her in the mood, and make love to her sincerely.
Treat her like a sex goddess every time you have sex and you will reap the benefits in the future.
Here are some more tips to help you out.
#1: Heighten anticipation.
Get her fantasizing about your lips on hers and on other sensitive spots.
If she starts to imagine how soft your lips feel, or how silky wet your tongue is, she will feel aroused before you even start doing anything with her.
#2: Discover her hidden fantasies.
She may have certain sexual secrets you don't know about.
Encourage her to show her wild side by making it clear to her that you will think she's sexy no matter what she does.
Also, let her guide your hands to spots she wants rubbed or fondled.
#3: Control the scenario.
You must take charge of the way the light shines on your entangled bodies.
Scent your room using candles or flower petals.
Make your room other-worldly and sexy.
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