Close-Up Magic and Why It Is So Popular

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A close-up magic show is when the performance takes place in such a way that there is a sense of intimacy between the magician and his audience.
This form of magic is usually performed a few feet away from spectators, which makes them feel as if they are directly involved in the magical moments.
During such performances, the audience are made to feel comfortable and relax by offering chances to get involved by either touching the props or including them in the performance.
The entertainment value is thus heighten for the audience when they see feats of magic happening before their very eyes.
The props used by a close-up magician are usually small like playing cards, rope, sponge ball and coins.
Other than the props the magician carries, he also uses the surrounding to help him.
This is where his magic seems so amazing as he utilizes objects from the audience or from around hum such as napkins, cups, glasses, bottles and silverware etc to create a magical experience.
Creating the same effects as you would find in a regular magic show, the close-up magician's repertoire includes levitation, penetration of objects, disappearance of objects, breaking and restoration of objects, appearance of objects and changing of objects.
This is where the performing is so appealing to the audience as it happens right in front of them, sometimes even right in their hands when they are asked to participate.
The experience can be further enhanced by the style of the magician who can create an exciting and amazing atmosphere.
Depending on how the show is structured.
A performer may employ a funny style, show off his thought provoking psychic abilities or a mysterious style putting the audience in suspense.
The interactive nature of his show adds dazzle to mood of the audience providing a wonderfully uplifting experience for them.
Another reason why close-up shows are so popular is not only because of the personality exuded by the performer, but also because of the fact that the magician does not need a stage or elaborate sound system during his performance.
He freely mingles with the crowd, making them feel comfortable, relax and in the process breaking the ice.
His performance is both entertaining and builds camaraderie.
You can now see why close-up magicians are so sort-after for birthday parties, wedding or corporate dinners and all other types of events.
Close-up magicians are considered to be among the elite even for top professionals.
And it has become the ultimate aim for many magicians who strive to be included in this elite group.
Although many have tried to perform this genre of magic, but few ever really achieve the standard required.
This is because not only must the performer be extremely skilled, he also needs charisma and an attractive, fun and outgoing personality.
I hope you now have a better understanding about close-up magicians and their art.
So, you will know what to do the next time you want to make your event or party a magical experience for your guests, don't you?
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