How to Keep Shirts From Getting Wrinkled While Folded Up

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    • 1). Fold your shirts lightly along their seams to avoid mid-garment wrinkles and creases. Tuck sleeves in front of or behind the shirt, then fold it in half across the width. Do not flatten your shirt after folding, as this will cause an immediate crease.

    • 2). Pack or store your shirts fresh out of the dryer or immediately after they have been pressed with an iron. Avoid leaving clean shirts in a pile on your bed or inside your dryer, as this will allow wrinkles to form before you even begin folding and packing.

    • 3). Wedge a pad of tissue paper between stacked shirts. Wrinkles occur when heavy garments are stacked on one another, but a pad of tissue paper will help provide cushioning.

    • 4). Roll your shirts if you will be traveling for a long while or they will be in storage for an extended period of time. Tuck the sleeves behind the shirt at the seams, then roll downward from the collar. In addition to preventing deep creasing in fabric, rolling your shirts helps conserve packing space.

    • 5). Leave plenty of space in your drawer or suitcase and take your time. Packing in a hurry usually results in a cramped storage area and inevitable wrinkling.

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