2012 Olympics Sailing Races Medal Winners and Results

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The 2012 Summer Olympics in London included 10 sailing events. Look here for photos and descriptions of these 10 types of sailboats (and windsurfer).

Following are listed the medal winners, by country and competitor name, for each of the ten 2012 sailing Olympic events, plus the final overall standing of selected English-speaking countries that competed in the races.

Laser (men's)

Gold: Australia (Slingsby)
Silver: Cyprus (Kontides)
Bronze: Sweden (Myrgren)
U.S. position: 29th (Crane)
U.S. Virgin Islands position: 25th (Thompson)
Great Britain position: 7th (Goodison)
Ireland position: 36th (Espey)
Canada position: 23rd (Wright)
New Zealand position: 5th (Murdoch)

Laser Radial (women's)

Gold: China (Xu)
Silver: Netherlands (Bouwmeester)
Bronze: Belgium (Van Acker)
U.S. position: 8th (Railey)
U.S. Virgin Islands position: 40th (Roller)
Great Britain position: 5th (Young)
Ireland position: 4th (Murphy)
Canada position: 27th (Dube)
Australia position: 12th (Weir)
New Zealand position: 20th (Winther)

Finn (men's)

Gold: Great Britain (Ainslie)
Silver: Denmark (Hogh-Christensen)
Bronze: France (Lobert)
U.S. position: 12th (Railey)
Canada position: 15th (Douglas)
Australia position: 13th (Casey)
New Zealand position: 7th (Slater)

470 (men's)

Gold: Australia (Belcher, Page)
Silver: Great Britain (Bithell, Patience)
Bronze: Argentina (Calabrese, de la Fuente)
U.S. position: 14th (Biehl, McNay)
Ireland position: 23rd (Flanigan, Owens)
Canada position: 25th (Leigh, Ramsay)
New Zealand position: 5th (Saunders, Snow-Hansen)

470 (women's)

Gold: New Zealand (Aleh, Powrie)
Silver: Great Britain (Clark, Mills)
Bronze: Netherlands (Westerhof, Berkhout)
U.S. position: 9th (Clark, Lihan)
Australia position: 7th (Rechichi, Stowell)

Star (men's)

Gold: Sweden (Loof, Salminen)
Silver: Great Britain (Percy, Simpson)
Bronze: Brazil (Prada, Scheidt)
U.S. position: 7th (Fatih, Mendelblatt)
Ireland position: 10th (Burrows, O'Leary)
Canada position: 12th (Bjorn, Clarke)
New Zealand position: 5th (Pepper, Turner)

49er (men's)

Gold: Australia (Jensen, Outteridge)
Silver: New Zealand (Burling, Tuke)
Bronze: Denmark (Lang, Norregaard)
U.S. position: 15th (Moore, Storck)
Great Britain position: 5th (Morrison, Rhodes)
Ireland position: 14th (McGovern, Seaton)
Canada position: 16th (Cook, Lowden)
Bermuda position: 19th (Kirkland, Kirkland)

Elliott 6m (women's)

Gold: Spain (Echegoyen Dominguez, Pumariega Menendez, Toro Prieto Puga)
Silver: Australia (Curtis, Price, Whitty)
Bronze: Finland (Kanerva, Lehtinen, Wulff)

RS-X (men's)

Gold: Netherlands (Van Rijsselberge)
Silver: Great Britain (Dempsey)
Bronze: Poland (Miarczynski)
U.S. position: 22nd (Willis)
Canada position: 8th (Plavsic)
New Zealand position: 7th (Tobin)

RS-X (women's)

Gold: Spain (Alabau Neira)
Silver: Finland (Petaja)
Bronze: Poland (Noceti-Klepacka)
U.S. position: 20th (Hall)
Great Britain position: 7th (Shaw)
Canada position: 10th (Girke)
Australia position: 11th (Crisp)

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