Teachers and the Classroom Technology

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If teachers are given a chance to use the interactive whiteboard (IWBs), they would definitely recommend the use of it in the classroom.
Interactive White Board is the latest classroom technology which has made the teacher's job far easier and simpler.
Teachers in various schools are demanding for the interactive whiteboards to improve the quality of learning and training.
The chalk boards and whiteboards have taken a back seat now.
Talking about the disadvantage of the chalkboards and whiteboards over the IWBs is the numerous use of chalks to write on the board and then to erase it once done.
The teachers would have to carry a duster and keep cleaning the board once it's full, which was a tedious task.
The teachers suffering from any airborne diseases would find it very difficult to use the chalkboards at those instances.
The students would then clean the boards for the teachers.
This clearly states that it requires lot of human effort; whereas the interactive whiteboards are very simple to use without any extra pains.
Humans have grown over generation from an Ape to a Human likewise the Interactive Whiteboard have grown from chalkboards to the latest classroom technology.
Just like there is not much difference in the structure of an Ape and Human similarly the structure of the IWBs have been constant as per the traditional boards.
The only difference is the interactive behaviour of the IWBs.
The technology has really taken a jump and helped the teachers to add more innovation in studies.
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