The Benefits of Learning English

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Whoever holds the key to technology holds the key to progress.
Human civilization is dependent on the acquisition of knowledge in order to achieve progress.
However, you have to realize that people can only learn so much.
Our brains have limited capacities, and we all have limited life spans.
A single individual is incapable of discovering all the knowledge there is to discover.
Without communication, progress would not be possible.
Without communication, people would spend their lives discovering the same things over and over again.
Communication - especially verbal communication - is vital to passing on knowledge from generation to generation.
It is through communication that people are able to go beyond the previous generation's discoveries and actually improve on those discoveries.
Through communication, people are able to understand the different discoveries that previous generations have made and then use their own time to discover new things to pass on.
Today, you can observe that knowledge and communication have been accelerating in terms of development.
While it took decades for people to go from the telephone to the cellular phone, today it takes less than a year for new mobile communications technology to be unveiled.
Since people are able to communicate faster, they are also able to pass on knowledge and thus improve it faster.
People are always hungry for betterment and progress.
It is this hunger that drives discovery.
However, although a person may want a better life, his limitations frequently do not allow him to tackle the obstacles to the progress he desires.
People need other people in order to truly achieve something.
We each have different callings in life and it takes a combination of those different callings in order to really achieve progress.
Communication is vital to passing the torch of progress from person to person.
It is the key to making sure that whatever knowledge you discover and acquire does not die with you.
Many people believe that your legacy comes in the form of your children, or in the form of buildings you have constructed, but in reality, it comes in the form of whatever knowledge you acquire and pass on.
You may be forgotten, but whatever knowledge you communicate to other people will be assimilated into humanity's common search for progress.
This is the importance of learning English and communication - to make sure that you fully join the ranks of humanity and leave a legacy that will benefit humankind as a whole.
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