Sexual Fire Breath

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The sexual fire breath is one of the best exercises, especially with a partner (but you can also do it alone), for rapidly building a hot sexual charge and moving it up through your body, helping to open all of your chakra centers.
In the sexual fire breath you use a combination of sound, pelvic rocking, PC (pubococcygeous) muscle squeezes, deep abdominal breathing, visualization and hand movements.
Use the sexual fire breath on your own to open yourself to your full exquisite sexual potential.
Do it as a charger-upper before making love.
Do it during lovemaking as you are being manually or orally stimulated.
Do it during intercourse, but be very observant and ready to stop in a flash in the early learning stages or the man may go beyond his point of no return to ejaculate before you are both ready to end the lovemaking.
If "energy" is very subtle for you and you don't usually feel it, try this exercise.
Most report really feeling something the very first time they do the sexual fire breath.
Sexual Fire Breath
  • Lie on your back.
    Feet flat on the floor/bed.
    Knees bent.
    Legs comfortably apart.
    Hands at your sides, palms up.
    Eyes closed.
  • Begin to breathe slowly and deeply into your belly.
  • Focus your attention on your genitals and visualize drawing breath in and out through them.
  • When you have a comfortable breathing rhythm established, begin to rock your pelvis, tilting it up toward the sky.
  • Use your feet to slightly push off the floor so that you are not using your abdominal muscles to rock and they can remain loose and open.
  • Inhale as you rock back.
    Exhale as you rock forward.
    (Note: some bodies want to do it the opposite way - listen to yours and go with what feels right).
  • Make sound as you exhale - AAAAAHHHH.
    (This is the most difficult part for many people but it helps enormously, sound carries the energy).
  • When you are in a comfortable rhythm, add PC Pumping.
    Tighten your PC muscles as you rock back.
    Relax them as you rock forward.
    (Note: your body might want to do it the opposite way, let it.
  • Begin to visualize your sexual energy as a great ball of golden fire in your genitals.
    As you rock, breathe and pump draw the golden fireball up through your chakra centers, one chakra at a time.
  • Send the energy out through your crown chakra into the universe.
    Do not leave it to build up in your head.
    If you are making love with a partner, you can also pass the energy to him through your eyes, your kiss, your breath.
  • Pass your hands in flowing motions up your body to help with the energy movement.
  • Breathe more rapidly to move the energy higher within your body, allowing yourself to open into its flow.
  • When you reach a high edge of energetic arousal you can maintain this level by deepening and slowing your breathing and keeping your body relaxed.
  • Rest in stillness for a few moments when you are finished practicing so that the energy can continue to flow through you.
    Bring it back down and store it in your belly chakra for later use.
  • If you have left a store of energy in your head and feel some congestion there do Grounding and apply firm pressure with your fingertips to your crown chakra.
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