How to Mount a Klipsch Quintet

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    • 1). Determine where to place your speakers and entertainment system. The Klipsch speakers are directional, meaning that they must be angled directly where you want the audio. Most exterior walls will be difficult to drill through and will leave your wires exposed.

    • 2). Determine the right length of speaker wire to attach all the speakers to your receiver. Cut them for extra length, especially if they will be run through the wall, to account for unforeseen obstacles. Decide if the center speaker will be mounted, and if so, then determine the height and angle. Due to the size of the Quintet center channel, a shelf can be used as well.

    • 3). Position the speakers at a height of three feet if possible. If you have additional help, have someone sit and listen to the audio as you move the speakers to ensure that you've determined the optimal angle and height. Due to the horn design of the speakers, you want to find the sweet spot and avoid it's being overly direct and harsh.

    • 4). Get CL rated speaker wire If running the wires through the wall, to ensure they are not a fire hazard. Using the wrong type of wire can sometimes violate the terms of your homeowner's insurance. The speaker wire can be concealed by running it through an attic space or beneath the carpet. If using the attic or crawl space, you will need to fish the wire up the wall, over to another wall and dropped back down. Always loop the end of the speaker wire to avoid any potential leak harming the speakers.

    • 5). Cut into the drywall using a saw and pull the speaker wire. Mount the speakers to the wall using the included mounts with a drill and drywall screws. Cover plates can be used to conceal the wires and seal the holes. If the wire is external , you can use a wire cover. With some receivers you can adjust the levels of each speaker to balance their outputs, compensating for uneven distances.

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