How to Start Your Business in 6 Key Steps

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1 Overcome your fears: Before you even get started you must give up your fear.
 The fear of leaving your job, the fear of uncertainty, fear of failure or anything that is stopping you.
You have to understand that there is an abundance of wealth out there and you deserve to be happy, wealthy and live the life you dream.
You owe it to yourself and your family.
So get rid of fear.
2 Find a mentor Everyone needs someone to give them encouragements to point them in the right direction Someone that have been down that road before.
 It's a lot easier to model your business idea after someone that is already successful at what you are trying to do.
 Mentors can come from anywhere just make sure you are talking to the person that is looking out for your best interest.
And don't forget that a good book is a Mentor.
   3 Set goals You have to know where you are going.
It's not possible to succeed at something if you don't know what you trying to do.
 That might seem like a simple step but so much people don't get this one right.
Setting goals mean setting a defined outcome of what you trying for, and then setting small goals that lead to the main goal.
  4 Plan for success Write out a plan of action, not having a plan, is a plan, just a plan to fail.
Write out steps to your success.
This is going to be your map to your goals.
This is a guide that is going to remind you what you should be doing.
 A plan also keeps you from losing site of why you doing this all in the first place.
It also makes the steps real in your mind, giving you the fuel you need to get things done.
5 Evaluate your steps, Step back and take a look at what is going on with your Business.
Don't be afraid to make changes to your plan as you go.
 A major part of running any business is knowing where to spend resources.
To do this you have to look at what's working and what's not.
 Think of captain Kirk saying more power to the shields, at the critical time that it's needed.
  6 Take actions Get started now!! You have to take action don't just keep looking for the same answer over and over.
Get step 1 out of the way.
The best advice from the best people means nothing if you don't do it!
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