Alternative Physician Jobs

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    Teaching Others

    • With your medical degree, you can teach the doctors and health care workers of the future at the postsecondary level, internationally if you like. Teaching positions are available for native English speakers at many schools outside the United States. A bachelor's degree in education might be required.

    Health Care Administration

    • Business courses plus a degree in medicine can open the door to a career in health care administration. Hospitals, medical practices, pharmaceutical companies and insurers all need administrators. This career offers an excellent salary and benefits along with regular business hours.

    Writing, Blogging and Editing

    • The field of medicine is growing and changing. Textbooks and medical journal articles will always need to be written and edited. Patient education materials, such as books, pamphlets, prescription advertisements, package inserts and videos all need writers with medical credentials.
      Medical websites and blogs attract readers who have an interest in you and the expertise you have to offer. Writing for a medical website or blog can be more than just a way to make a living. If you're a good writer, people will notice, and other opportunities will come to you.

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