The Yucca Flower & the Yucca Moth

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    Yucca Plant Features

    • The yucca plant produces creamy flowers.fleure de yucca image by photlook from

      The yucca plant has long, fibrous stalks at the tips of which its pale cream-colored flowers bloom during late spring and early summer. In the Mexican species (Y. filifera), the flower clusters are up to 6 feet long and are pendant rather than stiff. The plant has wide leaves with sharp edges at its base. Yucca plants vary in height; some can reach the height of a small tree.

    Yucca Moth Function


    Pollination Method


    • The relationship between the yucca flower and yucca moth is equally crucial to both.pointe image by Christine Lamour from

      Apart from ensuring the perpetuity of the yucca flower, the relationship is equally vital to the yucca moth. The moth larva hatches within the developing ovary of the flower and starts feeding on the maturing seeds.This is an important stage in the life cycle of the moth as it later develops from the larva; in the fall the larva comes out of the capsule and lowers itself to the ground where it burrows into the soil and assembles a cocoon. It hibernates here over winter and emerges in the spring as an adult moth, in sync with the blooming of the yucca flower.

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