Erotic Fluidness in Song Lyrics : Gender Bending in Euphony

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While tv and moving pictures have only of late been open with the rally of sexuality personae and varying sexuality subjects. But surprisingly, Music has been more some easy to these makes out. In fact, the Music diligence has been a locale for a number of conceptions seeing this arena. Note, for example, the popularity of glam rock during the 70s, or how the songs during this time has been more galore open to a number of sexual supplies. Because of this, a number of vocals have words that address these sexual and sexuality matters.

A new exemplar of this is Beyonce's 'If I Were A Boy." Here, Beyonce sings what she would do if she was a boy. "If I were a boy / I think I could understand / How it feels to love a girl / I swear I'd be a better man," the song lyrics go. Other vocals have song lyrics that are less told direct and tackle more umpteen serious and mature events. All The Same, the idea of the song lyrics of the vocals is the same-it wouldn't hurt to be more umpteen open regarding these exits. Although they may be against your personal beliefs, it wouldn't hurt to at least listen to the song lyrics of these vocals.

A song lyrics similar to Beyonce's is Bonnie Tyler's "If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man)." This 80s track has song lyrics that mirror the same sentiments of "If I Were A Boy." Here, the words say it would be easier to understand what it feels to be a hunting watch alternatively of target (pertaining to the comprehended purposes of a man and a cleaning woman in dating stamp and family relationships. The lyric poems also intimate that this lack of imaging grows a wall that makes back their love. "If you were a woman and I was a man / Would it be so hard to picture / That a heart's a heart and we do what we can," the song lyrics claim.

Blur's "Girls & Boys" also acknowledges the obnubilate of sexual functions and sexual marks. The lyric poems of this song go: "Girls who are boys / Who like boys to be girls / Who do boys like they're girls / Who do girls like they're boys /Always should be someone you really love." Yet, the song lyrics of this vocal can help also a caustic remark on the party scene of London. Apparently, bands and artists from Europe are more galore challenging when it gets along to their vocal song lyrics since a numeral of bands and artists from Europe tackle such sensitive topics, as well other topics considered as taboo in some countries. For instance, The Kinks, a band during the 1960s, loosed a song named "Lola." As the song lyrics would uncover, the song is about the family relationship of a man and transgender. Contempt the tender topic of the song, "Lola" is perhaps one of the grandest hits of The Kinks, making it one of their more umteen average shout-out issues during their concerts. Goes to show a band can rock out while helping out piquant words.
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