Golf Club Covers and Tiger Woods?

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To the non golfer, golf club covers can be seen as a strange thing.
When a passionate golf lover talks about covers, they are meaning the sock like covers put on the longer golf clubs.
This normally applies to the woods.
At the same time the concept of golf club covers can also extend to all of the other clubs as its becoming popular as custom styled versions are being made.
The golf club covers do a lot to protect your clubs.
They protect them in the rain and damp weather also providing another option for professionals to place advertising.
If you place your golf bag down in freshly cut grass, the golf club covers will keep the grass from getting on the clubs.
They also protect each clubs as they create a buffer of protection stopping the clubs banging into each other.
It used to be that golf club covers were simple items that looked like socks and just had the number of the club on them.
There was no difference in the covers between the low cost golf clubs and the more expensive sets.
Soon golfers started to express their style and personality and whole new industry was born, a lot like custom cars, but for golfers! It has been happening for a while now.
Your large gorilla type friend from work would put a king kong golf cover on his driver because he felt it showed a lot of power about his golf game.
Sometimes the covers would come in sets of puppets and they would have entire families to use on clubs that would express the players personality, and bring a little fun to this competitive and sometimes, challenging game.
Then, someone came along that changed it all and caused an increase in sales of golf club covers worldwide.
That was Tiger Woods.
Enter Tiger and Frank Tiger Woods arrived on the golf scene as an amateur and made a serious impact very quickly.
It did not take long for people to start to notice his golf club cover was a tiger.
Quickly the sales of tiger driver covers increased and people all over the world were showing off their Tiger Woods' driver cover and adding style to the game.
What came next was unexpected.
We learned that the cover had a name and could talk.
Tiger Woods' driver cover is called Frank and due to a series of television commercials a few years ago, everyone got to see Frank talk and give Tiger advice on his game.
It was all in good entertainment a growing industry, which now has a little more fun in it.
So if you are looking for more fun in your golf game, especially when you last shot sliced of to the left, look to get some custom golf covers.
Who knows you may even be able to manage a smile, when you put you wood away and start the long walk to look for your ball.
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