No One Ever Fails In Network Marketing!

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That's right folks.
It is impossible to fail in this industry.
If you're reading this article you're probably thinking - "this guy doesn't know what the heck he's talking about.
" Now, I agree the statistics will tell you that a lot of people who start their own Network Marketing business don't stay involved forever, that's true, but let's take a closer look.
Are the people who leave the business all failures in Network Marketing? Well I suppose if you're one of those on the outside looking in, at an industry that you don't completely understand, you would certainly come to that conclusion.
I can understand that.
I mean, some people know someone who used to be involved in Network Marketing, and maybe they have a story to tell, good, bad, or indifferent.
Should they be looked upon and branded as failures? I think not.
Let me introduce a word for discussion: MOST.
MOST people who enter the profession of Network Marketing don't stay in the business.
MOST people who take a Real Estate course and get licensed don't stay in the business.
MOST people who graduate from college don't work in the field of their degree.
MOST people who play golf never shoot below 100.
MOST people who join the military don't stay in.
MOST people who play college sports never turn pro or go to the Olympics.
MOST businesses don't last past 5 years.
That's a lot of people "failing"...
We need to look at these examples and many others in a different light.
People get in Network Marketing for several reasons.
Maybe they are introduced to a product and want to get it for free.
Maybe they want to make a little extra money to help with their monthly expenses.
Perhaps they just want to be part of a group that their friends have joined.
It could be that they are inspired by the possibility of wealth.
Some are lured by the chance to leave their jobs and stay home with their families.
We could go on...
So why do most people not stay in the business? I imagine each has their own reason, and a lot of those reasons will sound very familiar to all of us.
"You can't make any money with that company/product.
" "Binaries are only good for the company, not the distributor.
" "I couldn't get anyone to join.
" "The economy is too bad.
" "My sponsor never did anything for me.
" Again, we could go on...
The real reasons behind the fact that most don't stay are simple: Attitude and Skill.
Most people who come into the Network Marketing arena don't know anything about business or marketing.
They may know how to network a little, but that will only take you so far if you don't have the proper attitude and skill set, and both of these can be learned...
but it takes time.
People quit Network Marketing before they develop attitude and skill.
Just like they quit school, or their marriage, or their jobs.
Everything requires the right attitude and skill set.
Think about it...
No one ever fails in Network Marketing...
they quit!
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