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The Xbox 360 kinetic has finally been released, and Microsoft has once again shown that there are the market leaders when it comes to console gaming. Sony's eye toy was the first of this kind of new generation of game playing with Nintendo quickly following suit, Nintendo had taken the lions share with the Wii controlling this market place of video gaming.

But Microsoft have really given the game player something special with the Xbox 360 kinetic, the standard game that you get in the Xbox kinetic box set, is nothing to write home about, but games such as star wars unleashed, dance central and kinectimals proved you with a whole new level of gaming.

I'm a mad star wars fan, so when I check out the latest game for the kinetic system, wow, is all I could say. Why? Because if blew me away. Every Jedi move is included, so when you raise a hand to move an object, it really happens, just like when you see the Jedi's do the same in the movies.

My children love playing the virtual pets on their Nintendo DS, well the Kinectimals will allow you to choose any one of five exotic pets. You can train you very own pet tiger to do tricks and perform all kinds of task, and this game really is one for the smaller Xbox lover.

If you're looking for some family fun at Christmas, then the Xbox 360 kinetic is a must buy that will give your hours of none stop fun, it not cheap but the great thing about the Xbox kinetic is that it can be connected to you're existing Xbox console which means that you will only have to buy a new console if want a black one to match you TV or home decor.
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