How to Treat Hairballs in a Cat

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    • 1). Brush your cat's fur using a pet brush. This will help remove loose fur before your cat grooms itself and swallows it. A shorthaired cat can be brushed twice a week, but a longhaired variety may need to be brushed more regularly, even daily, to keep its fur properly groomed.

    • 2). Purchase a commercial, orally administered hairball preparation. You'll find it in your local grocery store, pet shop or directly from the vet, in a variety of flavors. These preparations contain petroleum jelly that helps lubricate the offending object, allowing it to pass normally through the rectum. If your cat refuses to eat the store-bought remedy, mix the jelly in with some wet food at feeding time.

    • 3). A homemade remedy consists of smearing petroleum jelly, butter or vegetable oil directly onto the fur or a paw. The cat will usually react by licking themselves, swallowing the lubricant, which will hopefully result in the desired effect.

      Discuss this type of treatment with your vet before administering it.

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