50 Shades of Grey - Why Does Christian Fall for Anastasia?

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Anastasia asks herself over and over what made Christian fall for her and not for the (in Anastasia's eyes) more beautiful Kate.
First of all, women have to understand how strongly men are affected by attraction.
The effects of attraction last forever, determining the quality of the relationship from the very beginning.
As early as elementary school, girls learn that the cute ones are more popular.
During high school the pretty girls were asked out more -...
and then you meet a married couple and you ask yourself "How in the world did this great man end up with her? She's not beautiful at all.
" Studies show that there are two different types of attraction: a) Sexual Attraction b) Wife or Girlfriend Desirability So what causes a man to be sexually attracted to a woman? 1.
Sexual Energy 2.
Sensuality 3.
Body Type Sexual Energy Men will tell you that "A woman is sexy when she thinks that she is sexy!" That means every woman has the opportunity to have sexual energy, as long as you make sure that you feel good and sexy about yourself.
Buy the lingerie that makes you say "Wow" when you look in the mirror and do not worry about what he might like.
He will like it if you feel sexy in it, no matter what.
You do not have to look like a Victoria Secret model to feel sexy.
Just take a look at the comedian Monique compared to heiress Paris Hilton.
Paris Hilton has the body, but is she sexy? Monique, on the other hand, does not have the body of a Victoria's Secret model, but she is sexy as can be!!! She feels sexy and therefore, she is sexy.
Sensuality Being sensual means being aware of your senses and the pleasure these senses are giving you.
NO, it does not mean that you have to eat a banana or a strawberry in a provoking way.
It means that you are aware of your senses and take time "to smell the roses".
Looking the other person in the eyes when you talk, listening to the birds outside, enjoying the flavor of a new dish, feeling silk lingerie on your skin, etc.
Body Type Men like all kinds of bodies.
They are visual, so they will look at bodies, like it or not.
Men collect a lot of information with their eyes.
Women tend to think this is superficial, but it isn't.
While we women talk, men look.
However, the body type he likes is like a cookie-cutter made out of silicon: It is a little flexible, but a man likes what he likes.
So please, no false advertising.
If he likes DD and you are an A-cup he is not the right man for you.
The bombshell bra with oranges inside will work for a while, but do not be surprised if he walks away when he finds out that you played him.
Remember - you are sexy when you feel sexy.
And you can only feel sexy when you are proud of who you are, and how you look.
To summarize...
If you have the kind of sexual energy, sensuality, and body shape a man likes, he will be sexually attracted to you and will therefore want you in his bed.
Unfortunately, that does not mean that he even slightly considers to take this relationship any further than a sexual encounter.
Women do not think like this, do not feel like this, and are therefore a lot of times blindsided.
Great skills between the sheets will not make a man stay with you.
Women have to be desirable in other ways for the man to consider taking the relationship to the next level.
He has to be sexually attracted to you, but you also have to have the following desirable qualities: 1.
Self-Confidence 2.
Authenticity 3.
Passion 4.
Receptiveness to male qualities, characteristics, and the way they show their affection Coming back to the original question, Anastasia was not only brave and courageous, she was "real" - she stayed herself, spoke her mind, she was passionate and she was open to Christian's way of doing things.
Want to know how to show that you are confident, authentic, passionate and receptive? Stay tuned...
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