What You Need to Know About the 1965 PGA Championship Tournament

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Dave Marr's only major championship win - one of only three wins for Marr on the PGA Tour - came at the 1965 PGA Championship. Marr and Tommy Aaron were tied for the lead entering the final round, but Aaron blew up with a 78 (40 on the front nine).

Marr held steady, however, holding off challenges from Jack Nicklaus and Billy Casper. On the final hole, after hitting a poor drive with a 2-stroke lead, Marr chose to lay up short of the green, which was fronted by water.

He then pitched over the water and sank the putt, making par the hard way and winning the trophy.

Marr's father was a PGA professional, and with this win Marr became the second son of a PGA pro to win the PGA Championship. (The first was Jack Burke Jr. in 1956.)

Ben Hogan finished tied for 15th in his final appearance in the PGA Championship.

1965 PGA Championship Scores

Results from the 1965 PGA Championship golf tournament played at the par-71 Laurel Valley Golf Club in Ligonier, Pennsylvania:
Dave Marr70-69-70-71--280$25,000
Billy Casper70-70-71-71--282$12,500
Jack Nicklaus69-70-72-71--282$12,500
Bo Wininger73-72-72-66--283$8,000
Gardner Dickinson67-74-69-74--284$7,000
Bruce Devlin68-75-72-70--285$5,750
Sam Snead68-75-70-72--285$5,750
Tommy Aaron66-71-72-78--287$4,040
Jack Burke Jr.75-71-72-69--287$4,040
Jacky Cupit72-76-70-69--287$4,040
Rod Funseth75-72-69-71--287$4,040
Bob McCallister76-68-70-73--287$4,040
Wes Ellis Jr.73-76-70-69--288$2,800
R.H. Sikes71-71-71-75--288$2,800
Ben Hogan72-75-70-72--289$2,425
Mike Souchak70-72-77-70--289$2,425
Julius Boros75-72-73-70--290$2,125
Raymond Floyd68-73-72-77--290$2,125
Al Geiberger74-71-71-75--291$1,900
Bruce Crampton77-74-70-71--292$1,450
Jack Fleck76-71-72-73--292$1,450
Doug Ford73-70-77-72--292$1,450
Gordon Jones72-76-71-73--292$1,450
George Knudson75-69-73-75--292$1,450
Kel Nagle74-75-71-72--292$1,450
Mason Rudolph67-76-75-74--292$1,450
Doug Sanders71-73-74-74--292$1,450
Don Bies71-71-75-76--293$915
Gay Brewer75-70-73-75--293$915
Paul Kelly76-71-75-71--293$915
Gene Littler78-70-70-75--293$915
Johnny Pott76-70-74-73--293$915
Manuel De La Torre72-73-74-75--294$737
Ed Furgol73-74-72-75--294$737
Paul Harney74-74-72-74--294$737
Al Mengert75-76-75-68--294$737
Arnold Palmer72-75-74-73--294$737
Gary Player74-72-74-74--294$737
Dave Ragan73-73-78-70--294$737
Charles Sifford73-75-71-75--294$737
Walter Burkemo72-77-73-73--295$602
Bob Charles75-75-73-72--295$602
Dale Douglass72-76-74-74--296$572
Billy Maxwell71-75-74-76--296$572
Frank Beard74-74-72-77--297$527
Billy Farrell76-75-75-71--297$527
Dick Hart72-77-72-76--297$527
Dan Sikes74-75-73-75--297$527
Vic Ghezzi73-77-74-74--298$466
Lionel Hebert73-73-76-76--298$466
Vince Sullivan72-73-79-74--298$466
Chuck Courtney70-76-76-77--299$440
Steve Reid76-75-73-75--299$440
Billy Capps77-74-75-74--300$402
Bob Crowley78-72-74-76--300$402
Jay Hebert72-73-78-77--300$402
Bobby Nichols74-75-77-74--300$402
Tom Nieporte75-74-83-68--300$402
Fred Wampler74-74-76-76--300$402
Jim Ferree75-75-77-74--301$370
George Archer74-74-78-76--302$300
Tony Lema71-76-75-80--302$300
Dow Finsterwald73-78-77-75--303$300
Ed Griffiths73-75-75-80--303$300
Ted Kroll73-75-77-78--303$300
Dick Marshall74-73-84-72--303$300
T.R. Sleichter77-71-78-77--303$300
Mike Fetchick76-74-75-79--304$300
Bob Goalby75-74-77-78--304$300
Jon Gustin73-77-78-76--304$300
Chi Chi Rodriguez72-77-77-79--305$300
Huston Leclair77-74-75-79--305$300
Mike Krak71-80-76-79--306$300
Roland Stafford76-74-74-82--306$300
Hubby Habjan78-71-75-83--307$300
Larry Bartosek75-75-80-80--310$300

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