Recommended Planting Dates

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    • Brussels sprout seeds must be sown in May to produce a winter crop.picturegarden/Photodisc/Getty Images

      Recommended planting dates differ from plant to plant, with some vegetables being planted in the spring, while others must be seeded and planted in the fall. Recommended planting dates are also likely to differ from region to region. Many plants, trees and shrubs must be planted taking into account the prevailing temperature of the region. A plant that must be sown a few weeks before the first frosts are expected is planted at a different date in the northern states, than in states with more temperate climates.

    Winter Vegetables

    • You can grow vegetables that you harvest and eat right through the winter, but you must plant them at the correct time. Brussels sprouts, collards, leeks, kale, and lettuce can all be harvested in winter, if they are planted at the correct time, as all of them are frost-resistant plants. Not all varieties of lettuce are frost-resistant, however, and you should check on the seed packet to make sure you are planting a frost-resistant variety of lettuce for winter harvesting. You should plant seeds directly in the soil to grow these vegetables through winter, and not use seedlings transplanted from pots or trays. The time to plant the seeds is early in May, to have them producing vegetables throughout the winter months of frost and snow.

    Trees and Shrubs

    • Most trees, and even shrubs, are purchased ready-to-plant from commercial garden centers. If your young trees or shrubs have been grown in a container, where the roots have had room to spread, these can be planted at any time of the year, although it may be difficult to prepare the ground in winter-frost conditions when the soil does not break up easily. The best dates for planting all trees and shrubs are the months between October and April. If your trees or shrubs have bare roots, or are rootballed, rather than container-grown, you must plant them between the months of October and April. Rootballed means that the roots of the trees or shrubs have been bound in a biodegradable material, such as hessian sacking, to make them easy to store and transport once they have been dug from the ground.


    • Many of the flowering plants that add color to gardens are grown from bulbs. Flowers grown from bulbs are typically early blooming plants, and these include snowdrops, crocus, tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. You should plant these bulbs from the middle of September through October, The bulbs need to grow roots and establish themselves in the soil before they stop growing and lie dormant over the freezing winter months. In some southern states of the United States, where the outside temperature never drops low enough for the bulbs to reach the dormant stage of their development, bulbs are often kept in refrigerators for the three winter months.

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