What is the best propane stove for a larger groups?

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There are many things to consider when you are trying to find the best propane stove for preparing a large meal for a number of guests. Safety should not be sacrificed.

How many people? That will need to be the first thing to address. You will need to figure out how much food that you will be providing for your event. Once you have your menu then you can determine how long it will take you to prepare the meal with the propane stove you have. At that time if you do not have enough cooking capacity you can go purchase another stove or you could even borrow a propane camp stove from a friend. If you decide to shop around for a stove at your local propane stove shop. Always remember the words of wisdom, never compare apples to oranges. This can mean different things for different people. On one hand you may love oranges, but not apples. On the other hand the next guy may love apples, but not oranges. That being said lets figure this out.

The most logical approach is that we will need a burner for every pot or pan that we plan to cook with. There are some variables such as length of cooking time needed to complete each dish. Sometimes it is possible to finish cooking one item then putting a different item on that burner that does not require as long of a cooking time, and still being able to provide a hot meal all at once. There are many stoves out there that provide a wide range of Btu's per burner. They could start as low as five thousand btu all the way up to twenty five thousand btu's per burner. Another thing to consider is how large is the cooking area for each burner? This will dictate how large of a pan that you will be able to use for your meal. Some propane camp stoves can provide a larger cooking area to accommodate larger pots and pans. The common sizes in stoves range from a single propane burner all the way up to four burners. If you have determined that you need more. You can add more camp stoves to gain more capacity for really large groups.

The propane stoves should be used on a level and stable platform. This could be a well-placed picnic table or a free standing propane camp stove. Make sure that your propane hose from your tank to your stove is free from any obstructions. Most of the larger propane camping stoves are provided with a hose and regulator to hook up to larger propane tanks such as a twenty pound or even a one hundred pound tank. The last thing that you want to happen is to run out of fuel. You will need more fuel for burners that can supply more btu's.

In conclusion, the best stove is going to be one with multiple burners determined by your specific needs. Also if you prefer a table top propane stove or would rather have a free standing propane camp stove. The quality of the stove that you purchase may depend on the brand you choose and or the amount of money that you are willing to spend. The Tuff stove, available in a two burner and a four burner version is worth checking out.

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