How to Find the Scepter of Zeus in "Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses"

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    • 1). Play through the game until you reach a treasure room behind the statue of Apollo. Click on the golden scoop sitting on a pile of gold in front of an open treasure chest.

    • 2). Use the scoop to dig through the pile of gold and you'll see a key. Pick up the key, then use it on the locked treasure chest to get a pendant.

    • 3). Use the pendant on the side of the treasure chest you just opened to reveal a hidden compartment. This reveals the hidden Scepter of Zeus. Click on it to pick it up. The scepter will be stolen from you when you leave this room.

    • 4). Play through the game until you reach the final room. After you complete all of the puzzles, the Scepter of Zeus will be available in a display case on the left. Click on it to pick it up and end the game.

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