How to Look Younger at 30

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    • 1). Avoid smoking. Smoking ages the skin more rapidly. Anyone that is smoking is not only risking cancer, but is also looking older than their actual age.

    • 2). Wear sunscreen when outside in the sun. UV rays are not good for the skin and can cause aging. Instead of tanning in the sun, use a tanning lotion. Not only is it healthier for the skin to minimize sun exposure, but it also allows a sun-kissed glow to the skin.

    • 3). Work on the appearance of the eyes. Puffy eyes make the entire face look older. Shine suggests putting eye cream products in the fridge to eliminate puffiness faster for a younger look. According to "Marie Claire," focusing on the eyes is important for looking young and suggest putting on fake lashes and shaping the eyebrows professionally.

    • 4). Keep the body healthy. A healthy body is a young looking body. Exercise regularly and eat a nutritious and well balanced diet. Not only is exercise and proper nutrition healthy, but it firms up the body for a younger look. Proper hydration will also help improve skin appearance.

    • 5). Avoid chemical hair treatments. Chemicals are harsh on the hair and damage hair, which makes it look older. Avoid the chemicals and focus on styling with a blow dryer instead.

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