The Best Registry Cleaner For Windows 7

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Windows 7 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, but it still relies on the 'registry' to run.
This is the cause of many computer errors and the slowing-down of Windows...
and is fixed by using a registry cleaner.
The only problem is that there are a lot of these cleaners out there - so you need to use the best one for your system.
Although there are a lot of registry tools on the Internet, the only ones that will work well on Windows 7 are the ones which are kept up to date.
This is because this new operating system has a lot of new settings and registry files, which many older registry tools cannot process.
This means that if you use the wrong registry cleaner tool on Windows 7, it could end up making your PC run slower and even unable to boot up! Registry cleaners are software tools that are designed to fix the 'registry' of Windows.
All versions of Windows rely on this part of the system, as its a database which stores information, settings and options for your PC.
The registry keeps the settings of your system stored in a central location - rather like what a telephone directory does.
However, the database is constantly being filled with corrupt and misplaced files.
The problem that all versions of Windows have faced is that the registry is being used so much that it's constantly being opened and read 100's of times a day.
This is okay, but it makes Windows confused and leads it to save many of the settings it needs in the wrong way; making it unable to work as quickly or smoothly as it once did.
This is as much a problem in Windows 7 as it was with Windows '98, and is why it's vital that you use a good registry cleaner for this system.
We've found that there are many cleaners that claim to work well on Windows 7...
but having used many of the most popular ones, we've found that only a handful are worth using.
The best registry cleaner for this system is the one which is best able to remove / fix the most registry errors inside it.
We've tested a lot of these and have found that one tool called "RegCure" works extremely well on this system.
RegCure is a popular registry cleaner that is able to find and remove 1,000's of registry issues inside your PC.
It's been created by a company called "Pareto Logic" who specialize in making scanning software for big companies.
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