The Many Health Benefits of Garlic

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For generations the health benefits of garlic has been preached as a natural remedy to curb disorders such as high blood pressure - even bad breath! What are the health benefits of garlic and garlic supplements that we don't hear about on a regular basis? Did you know that garlic can keep away mosquitoes and prevent acne?

Garlic has been known as a boost for the immune system as it has been a common key in prevention of the common cold and flu viruses present in the air throughout the winter and fall seasons. Many take garlic in preparations for these season changes and the germs in the air. Experts look to garlic as a broad spectrum antibiotic that can prevent bacteria from becoming a cold or flu. It boosts the immune system to disallow the onset of bacteria and viruses. Used as a preventative measure, garlic is effective in preventing cold and flu symptoms and onset.

Are you seeking clearer skin? Garlic could help everyone from teenagers to pregnant mothers suffering from fluctuating hormones that can cause acne symptoms and breakouts. The symptoms of acne can be decreased when garlic is ingested into the body. Garlic should not be applied directly to the skin, as it can cause redness and swelling. It should be ingested, as it can reap the benefits of clearer skin.

As a treatment for high blood pressure garlic is popular. Supplements taken daily can decrease bad cholesterol levels (HDL). In this case, garlic supplements are used to determine the effects of the supplements on the levels of cholesterol within the body. Garlic can be used to offset partial damages caused by eating foods that are bad - cholesterol wise.

Should you use fresh garlic as a remedy or stick to garlic supplements? Using garlic supplements comes without the bad breath that can be associated with garlic. Did you know that the stronger the odor and taste of the garlic clove, the more sulfur in it? The higher the level of sulfur within the clove, the better the effects that the garlic can have on the body. The benefits of raw garlic are thought to be higher than those of garlic supplements.

Garlic is important part of the nourishment in the body which could help to prevent cancer cells in the body. Research has shown that the use of raw garlic on a regular basis reduces the amount of free radical cells within the body. These cells have been linked with cancer and are undergoing research on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a way to decrease the attraction of mosquitoes than garlic is the answer. Allicin is the compound in garlic which can deter the natural attraction of our skin to those pesky mosquitoes. It has been speculated that the mosquitoes are overpowered by the scent of the garlic, which can escape from the pores and unable to bite.
Garlic is beneficial for our health and should be implemented into a diet for a healthy bodily system.
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