Missing My Ex - How to Get My Ex Back

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It's common to miss your ex after a recent break up.
If you want your ex back however, you need to be careful not to communicate with your ex too soon.
Oftentimes people try to apologize or talk their ex back way too early after a break up.
The truth is, your ex might be at a different emotional level right now compared to you.
We all can cope with a break up definitely and it's common for one partner to deal with it worse than the other.
What we need to be aware of, is not to fall into the trap of assuming they would be feeling the same way we do and therefore respond the way we want them to respond.
The best way to handle the situation right now is to give the relationship a true break.
Break ups are a sign that things weren't going well, so take this time to allow both of you the space needed to get your head around the situation and arrive at a conclusion with fresher pairs of eyes.
This doesn't mean that your ex will forget about you or that they won't miss you at all and will be jumping on the next person they set their eyes on.
Understand these are natural fears when we suddenly experience a loss of control over something we were used to feeling in control about.
Your ex is likely to miss you also and this is a good base to reconnect again when you do come into contact.
Give your ex about a month and then slowly start to get back into contact with them.
Use the time in between to keep busy but know that you will miss your ex and the best you can do is try not to let it consume you.
This isn't the end of the world and your ex will talk to you again..
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