Dating Tips for Men - How to Get More Dates Than You Know What to Do With

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Could it really be possible that you could end up getting more dates than you know what to do with? When I present this possibility to most guys, they immediately reject it as being just a fantasy. Truth is, for most guys it IS a fantasy, but not because they cannot make it real. It's because they choose to believe that they cannot go around and attract women wherever they go. As long as you keep an open mind, YOU can be one of those guys that does live out that "fantasy" life and end up with more women than you can handle!

Here's a few dating tips for men that will help you attract more women right now:

1. The more women you approach, the more women you will date.

I know, you are probably saying, well, that's obvious. But ask yourself, how many women do you normally approach in a week? A month? Most guys if they take any action at all still only approach maybe a couple of women a year. And when I say approach, I do mean with the intention of actually getting a date and not just to say hello and then nothing else. See, I can tell right off the bat whether a guy actually gets a lot of dates or not just by seeing how many women he is able to approach comfortably.

2. Women are attracted to guys that their friends want.

You better believe that this is true and not just some overly masculine statement. If you can make a woman's friends want you, then guess what? She is going to want you too. It works and it works well. So, if you approach a woman and she is with friends, don't be afraid to get a little flirty with her friends. It will just help to build the attraction with HER, especially if they end up talking to her about how great of a guy you are.

3. You need to be able to close on a woman without making it seem like a pickup.

The pickup is probably the worst approach that you can take to getting more dates, except of course for doing nothing at all. When you want to get a date with a woman, you need to go in for the close, but make it seem like just a natural conclusion to the interaction with her. Sure, it's still a pick up, it just does not seem like one to her, and that's what matters.
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