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What is a Mentor.
A mentor is a person that provides you with guidance and advice, and is usually someone who has greater experience than you in the subject that you seek advice about.
A good mentor sows seeds or ideas in a persons mind which helps the person to further themselves in the field that they are seeking mentoring in.
A mentor must be someone that is trusted by the person seeking advice, andsomeone who provides motivation and inspiration.
Why do people need Mentors.
It is true that you can be successful in any endeavor in life without having a mentor, but talk to most really successful people and they will always tell you that they benefited greatly from a mentor.
Why, because a mentor is able to keep you focused on the goals you are trying to achieve, but more than that, they have overcome many of the same hurdles that you will face, so with their experience they can help you overcome any difficulties or problems much easier.
It is a little bit like a child that has the choice of going to school or not.
If they don't go to school, they will most likely learn to read and write in a fashion, but if they go to school they will learn how to perform a task correctly in a shorter space of time, because they have someone to teach them that knows and understands the lessons that they are teaching.
You can learn about most things in life if you apply yourself, but if you have someone that knows and understands the subject helping you, you will learn more in a shorter space of time.
A person can learn how to market products if they study it long enough, and try different things, but if they have a mentor that has experience in this field thenthey will learn more in a shorter space of time, and this will help them achieve their goals in a shorter space of time.
No matter what level of experience you have, you will always benefit from a mentor, but especially if you have little experience in the field that you are seeking help in.
A person that is just starting out in the field of affiliate marketing will benefit greatly if they have a mentor that can help and assist them in setting up marketing strategies, explain the 'jargon' and provide inspiration when you become bogged down.
This is especially relevant in affiliate marketing as the strategies can change so rapidly, due to search engines changing the rules, new products that emerge on the market and the vast amount of information that is available.
Establishing what is good and relevant information when is comes to affiliate marketing can be very daunting and costly if you try and do it alone.
How do you find a Mentor.
Now this is where it becomes tricky.
How do you find a mentor that you know is experienced and that you can trust? A good place to start is in an online forum.
You can join a forum and then find a person that consistently provides good advice.
Once you have established that the person is experienced and seems trustworthy, send them a message asking if they will mentor you, or just start asking questions on the forum and accept the advice that is offered that seems appropriate to you.
Why do people become Mentors.
Most people have a desire to help others.
The best example of this is a parents desire to help their children as much as possible, and to help their children achieve their best.
Likewise most people have a deep desire to help others, and it provides a mentor with a sense of achievement if he can help others in becoming successful.
A mentor always finds that when they help others, they are helped themselves in some other way.
In summary.
The fastest and best way to achieve your goals is to find a person that has experience in the field that you are endeavoring to learn about.
Learn from them, ask them questions and seek their advice.
Most importantly heed the advice you are given and take action.
The worst thing you can do is get some good advice and then not use it.
A mentor likes to see you continue to achieve, and if you start to ignore the advice you are given, then naturally the mentor will not be as eager to help.
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