Five Actual Tips To Display Art In The Interior

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The public luckily started showing interest in the works and ideas of great contemporary house designers just in the twentieth century. In fact just the end of the century marked their rise. Earlier no one really understood something of interior design ideas. But if you dont imagine how to make men admire you extraordinary ceiling design or how to make a pretty image of pearly blue bathroom designs, then no one would actually like your interior design concepts. But dont be too upset. We suggest five variants to change everything.

1. Presenting pieces of art on the floor Why apply walls as the single place suitable to place paintings? For example try to put the painting on the floor bending it on the wall or some furniture. It may also be interesting to work with 2 paintings of differing size. You can place one on the other so that the concept of the art is to be seen with a sense of pleasant carelessness.

2. Try to apply shelves and gallery laths Having installed a long slat on the wall youll be capable to place there as many images as the size of the ledge makes possible. Attempt to make the arrangement unusual, e.g. let several paintings ovelap the others. Also you may find pieces of art of different parameters. In this occasion its preferable to bring little units to front. These all will also do in case you wish to place the paintings over the fireplace.

3. Hanging means: variants and concepts You may easily apply some interesting method to hang your pictures instead of just hanging them on the wall. One way is to decorate the wall with a horizontal beam close to the ceiling. The picture should be held with a couple of strings. Tie the ropes so that one end of every string is attached to the picture edge and the other is linked to the beam. An idea like this brings a sense of art gallery into the interior.

4. Apply ribbons to hang the pictures If you let two or three solid bands half or 3/4 the size of the wall youll be ok to place your paintings specially. So you make your pictures tied to the ribbons one upper than the other so that they hang on them. The house decor turns really interesting as such an idea is used in it. You can attempt to do it in a different way if for every image you use its single ribbon. Youll need to tie one end of the band through the top edges of the painting and fix the other end to the wall close to the ceiling. Then you have to attach the free end of the ribbon to its main part. You can regulate the form and size of the band. It looks extravagant in the shape of triangle.

5. Which way to hang several paintings maintaining level Youd rather draw an imaginary line over the wall if you desire to display several paintings on it. Try applying a little leveling gauge to keep the level of the pictures. And in case you find some double-sided tape or adhesive clay and stick it to the frame corners your paintings will be secure from tilting to one side.
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