How to Design Monuments Online

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    • 1). Purchase a subscription to an online monument design application like Design Mart's Online Monument Designer or Funeral Innovations Online Memorial Designer. Online monument designer application companies offer subscriptions based on usage in days, months (quarterly) and years (semiannually and annually) or in number of visits to the Web site.

    • 2). Log in to your online monument designer account. Review the application instructions, tutorials or watch a demo if available before you begin.

    • 3). Choose a monument style/shape and size in polished or unpolished stone from your monument design catalog. Monument styles include single or double upright monuments/headstones with and without bases, flat (grass) markers and Western or front nosed slant (pillow) markers. Shapes vary greatly and can range from rectangular to hearts or obelisks. If you choose an upright monument, also consider monument top shape options such as serpentine, oval, flat, peak, gothic or roof/ridge.

    • 4). Decide on a monument color and stone type. Most monument manufacturer's use granite (grey, black, blue, green or pink) for its resilience to natural elements, but many also custom order in marble, concrete and other less reliable materials. If you want a metal marker, your design catalog should also include bronze stand alone or bronze/granite combination options.

    • 5). Select the features for your monument. These include designs, carvings, panels (books or scrolls), borders, and/or accents such as a vase, portrait or statue for the front, back and/or base of your monument. Position your selections onto the monument image in layers and resize and/or crop to your specifications.

    • 6). Add text to your monument design. Select a frosted, unfrosted, polished or outlined font if your monument is stone. Monument manufacturers can sandblast, carve or laser a wide variety of fonts into stone. If you select bronze, the manufacturer can also sculpt in bronze using similar fonts.

    • 7). Review your finished monument design and save, email or print for future reference or ordering purposes.

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