How to Drill Angle Irons

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    • 1). Pull a tape measure along a length of angle iron. Mark the length location of the hole with an awl. Pull the tape measure across the width of the angle. Mark the center of the angle with the awl. The two marks must cross to show the center of the hole you will drill through the angle.

    • 2). Hit the back of a center punch with a hammer while the tip of the punch sits aligned with the intersection of the two awl marks. Pour cutting fluid on the depression made by the center punch.

    • 3). Secure a 1/8-inch drill bit into the chuck of a variable speed drill motor. Set the tip of the installed drill bit on the enter punch depression. Pump the trigger of the drill to slowly drill through the angle iron. Keep the speed of the drill motor slow to avoid overheating the drill bit.

    • 4). Remove the 1/8-inch drill bit from the drill motor.

    • 5). Install a step drill bit into the chuck of the drill motor. Coat the drill bit and the 1/8-inch hole in the angle iron with cutting fluid. Set the end of the step drill bit into the 1/8-inch hole. Slowly drill the hole until the correct step of the drill bit cuts through the angle iron.

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