Auto Auction Savings and Success

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Most every shopper loves to save money and find a huge deal when buying a car.
That is why the government auto auctions of seized vehicles is always popular wherever they are held.
At most of them you can find a great deal on a quality vehicle that was seized in a drug raid or somehow came into the possession of the authorities.
Most people prefer to go to such auctions to place their bids.
Yet the sites for the auto auctions are scattered all over the country.
Sometimes logistics do not allow for the people that want to be at an auction to actually be there.
That is why the authorities allow options such as internet access to bidding or even the option of mailing your sealed bids, in the hopes that yours will win.
The vehicle auctions are a little different than the standard bank run auctions.
Because they are for seized property that could have some cosmetic damage to them.
They are trying to get rid of the vehicles so that they do not take up any space in a parking facility.
And so that they do not begin to require any maintenance.
All they are trying to do is make a few dollars from the property they seized and then make sure that property finds its way to its new owners.
In this way the government auto auction may be a better option than the bank option.
Unlike the bank, the government will take any bid they can get.
It's Not All Bad Guys Many of the vehicles sold in a government auto auction are ones that they have used for years and now want to get rid of to make way for new vehicles .
Since the United States is not always the best at watching the spending in their budget, it is possible that you could be bidding on a recent model pick up truck and get it for pennies on the dollar.
They use a variety of civilian models and when the time comes to replace them they will put the used ones up for sale rather than set up any type of reselling network to maximize their profits.
You can take advantage of this and purchase a reliable used car from the federal government for a rock bottom price.
In addition, the government offers military vehicles at their auto auctions.
But don't think you will be getting a fully armed tank because you won't.
Many of the combat vehicles are either kept or sold through other channels but sometimes they will offer jeeps and other lower end trucks for the general public to bid on.
Good luck in finding what you need.
Remember, living isn't the goal at the end of the trail.
It's all the fun and learning as you go down the trail.
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