FDA Warns Consumers About E.Coli Spinach Outbreak

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No matter where you turn, you are being told to avoid eating spinach- on television, in newspapers and on the radio. Within hours of discovering the deadly E.coli outbreak that has contaminated the Nation's spinach supply, the FDA did a tremendous job alerting the public to this enormous food disease outbreak. However, wouldn't it be nice if all potentially dangerous situations were as well publicized? Surprisingly, some major threats to our safety, such as being attacked by a sex offender or convicted felon, are never publicly discussed or properly disseminated to the public.

Though it can not be assumed that all sex offenders or convicted felons will resort to their pre-incarceration behaviors, the fact is that some will harass, molest or rape again. However, the threat of sex offender recidivism, a potentially devastating problem, is a topic rarely covered in the media or broached by government agencies as prominently as other National safety threats.

According to Robert Miller, CEO of people search web site http://www.PeopleFinders.com, a deadly threat to America's children is lurking not in their food supply, but possibly in the house next door. "Though registered sex offenders and convicted criminals can be living almost anywhere in their neighborhood, many people don't take the time to check out suspicious or new neighbors," Miller states.

Though originally available exclusively to law enforcement and governmental agencies, online background checks are a quick, accurate and cost effective method to gain information on an individual's past. "For less than the price of a large pizza, an online background check can tell you if your neighbor has a criminal past or is a registered sex offender."

Further, according to Miller, people are unaware of what a background check actually includes and how the process of performing a check actually works. "Background checks can provide you with a wealth of information on an individual including their possible criminal, marital and residential history information. Additionally, background checks can be performed anonymously, so your subject will never know that you inquired about their past," Miller adds.

Besides background checks, people search web sites like PeopleFinders.com offer consumers a variety of search choices to perform including a criminal check; marriage and divorce search; property search; bankruptcy and lien search; and an unclaimed money check.

PeopleFinders.com is currently ranked number one for accuracy in people search results by online search publication People Search News.
For more information on PeopleFinders.com, background checks, criminal checks or other people searches, visit http://www.peoplefinders.com.
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