Remedies to Cure High Blood Sugar at Home

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High-blood sugar is a chronic disease which can affect the lifestyle of an individual. There are numerous herbs and spices which are said to have properties which can lower the blood sugar level, that makes it useful for those who are suffering from it.
With the modernization and improvement of technologies, most of the diseases are curable today. And those which cannot be cured, their symptoms or effects can be controlled by using some specific herbal medicines. This brings us to the world of herbal medicines and the diseases which can be cured or treated with the herbal treatments. Experts do believe that a disease like diabetes can be controlled by using some herbal techniques or medicines.
The disease is important, and it cannot be ignored. The percentage of blood sugar in the world is increasing rapidly. It's the urban sections which are majorly affected by high-blood sugar cases. The reason behind this disease is a deficiency of insulin, or when the cells stop responding to insulin. What is insulin? It is a type of a protein hormone which is important to carry nutrients into the cells. People who are suffering from high-blood sugar either no longer produce insulin, or the production quantity is very less. Another reason can be explained when the cells stop reacting to the insulin being supplied.
Before consumption of any Diabetes Herbal Medicine, it is important to consult with a doctor. There are certain allopathic medicines which can react with the herbal one and may lead to some severe problems in the future. There are some home herbal products, which directly deals with the main problem, i.e. the insulin. They are as follows:
€ Pterocarpus: It is considered beneficial for type two high-blood sugar cases. Studies claim that the extracts of Pterocarpus may reduce the glucose absorption by the intestines, making it healthy for the people suffering from high blood sugar.
People suffering from the disease can daily have a glass of water in the early morning, but the glass should be made from the bark of Pterocarpus.
€ Fenugreek: It has the valuable property of reducing the percentage at which sugar is absorbed from the stomach during digestion. It also helps in the stimulation of the pancreatic cells, which increases the production of insulin. Overnight soaked seeds along with the water can be consumed in the morning. Its powdered form also helps, and it should be taken twice a day.
€ Bitter Ground: It cuts down the activity of alpha glucose enzyme and allows the glucose to move towards the muscles and liver as fat tissue, diminishing the glucose level in the blood of the patient's body. Its juice in the early morning is very helpful. Apart from that it can be consumed as a tea, it's less bitter in taste.
€ Gymnema:. It leaves acids that have anti-diabetic action. Studies claim that the acids, and Saponins and Gymnemic have the capacity to absorb sugar from the intestines. Chewing few of its petals can easily reduce the sugar level in the body.
€ Guduchi: Its extracts have found to reduce the activity of the alpha-glucosidase enzyme, to break down the glucose in the body. It also delays the process of digestion, and hence glucose is absorbed more slowly and effectively.
All the above mentioned Diabetes Herbal Medicine are tested and verified by the experts.
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