Example Of How To Keep Your Woman Interested For Life

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If you already have that someone special in you life, that woman of your dreams and you want to keep her forever and is worried that you will not make her interested for life, check out the example below on how to do it.
Here's the first important thing you must know.
Make her feel that she is important to you.
Tell her how pretty and gorgeous she is, how smart and fun to talk with and how much you appreciate her.
If your need for significance is meant by having someone say nice things to you, then you might be trying to meet your woman's need for significance.
Of course not everyone will fall to this treatment and all of your nice words are going into a bottomless pit, while your woman is constantly frustrated about how you "aren't doing anything for her.
" She might even tell you that "talk is cheap," which is normally a devastating blow to your sense of confidence.
This example illustrates the exact problem that is prevalent in the majority of relationships today.
Start paying attention to what your woman is doing to meet your needs.
Does she go out of her way to do nice things for you in order to make you feel important? If so, she is giving you a clue as to what she really needs in order to feel important and to feel loved.
What about her need for security? Variety? What about her need for growth and to feel that she is making a contribution to the relationship? If you begin to pay attention to her behaviors and her words, you'll begin to realize that they are providing a powerful clue as to how you can meet her basic human needs.
Start doing this exercise today, even if you are not in a relationship.
You can practice on your friends, your family members or even the people you work with.
This will help you to build relationships that will last forever.
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