How to Install an HP L7555 Printer

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    Install from the Product CD

    • 1). Insert the HP disk into your CD drive. This disk should have been provided in the printer's packaging.

    • 2). Wait for the installer to open. If it does not, navigate to the disk drive through the Windows symbol at the bottom left of your computer screen.

    • 3). Follow the steps the installer provides, and select whether you want a custom or standard installation. The wizard will prompt you as to when the USB cord should connect the HP with the computer.

    Downloading and Installing

    • 1). Visit the HP website and locate the L7555 software if the CD is lost or not functioning

    • 2). Choose between basic and full feature downloads. The "basic" option is severely limiting to only a few essential functions and is not recommended even by HP.

    • 3). Click to download and wait for the file transfer to complete.

    • 4). Open the newly downloaded folder and locate the .exe file. Double-click it and run it.

    • 5). Follow the wizard's installation directions. This will involve accepting the license agreement, choosing between a recommended or custom installation and connecting the USB cord from the printer to the computer.

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