Responsibilities of a Guardian Ad Litem in New Hampshire

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    • The GAL carries out an investigation of the child's situation - history, environment, relationships, and needs. This investigation typically includes interviews with family members, friends, neighbors, medical providers, school officials and any other care-givers. The guardian may also visit the child's home(s) in order to ascertain how the child interacts with parents and other family members.

    Record Keeping

    • It is the GAL's responsibility to keep strict records of all appointments scheduled, interviews conducted, and any information collected during the course of the assignment. He or she should also review all records pertaining to the child, such as medical, school, and child protective services reports. The GAL is also responsible for filing or answering any motions with the court when necessary in order to protect the best interest of the child.


    • The GAL determines what resources or programs would benefit the child most and facilitates a plan for all the parties to follow in order to ensure that all the needs of the child are being met. This may also include any services that would benefit the family, as well.


    • The GAL is required to attend all the court hearings related to the child. The court may periodically request the GAL to file a report in order to determine what information and progress the parties have shared. The court orders the GAL to submit a final report, where the guardian shares his or her findings with the court, including recommended custody placements, parenting times, services and any other permanent plans the GAL feels are in the best interest of the child. The court is not required to follow the GAL recommendations.

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