How to Make a Personal Medical Record Book

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    • 1). Use the three-hole punch to punch holes in the copies of the medical records.

    • 2). Open the rings in the three-ring binder, and insert the medical records by date. The most recent records should be on top, and the oldest will be on the bottom. If you were given an electronic copy on a floppy disk, CD-ROM or USB thumb drive, print out paper copies and keep the electronic source in the pocket of the binder or in another safe place.

    • 3). Place the notebook or loose-leaf paper inside the rings of the three-ring binder on top of the medical records.

    • 4). Inside the notebook, record anything not included in the medical records. These might include illnesses or vaccines for which you were unable to obtain the proper records.

    • 5). Write the current date on the top of the inside cover of the notebook (or the top sheet of loose leaf paper). Next to this date, write down your current height and weight. You should leave enough space to make updates to this record. You can draw 1/2- to 3/4-inch high rows and five columns if desired. Each of the rows will be a different date of a doctor's office visit. The columns will be: date, height, weight, temperature, blood pressure. Follow the next step for further instructions about these columns.

    • 6). Take your record book with you every time you visit your doctor. The next time you visit your doctor, write that date under the current date. You will then record the weight, height, body temperature and blood pressure measured in your doctor's office.

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