Some Ways to Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend

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In the first few months after you break up with your boyfriend, you may realize that you still love him.
Reconciling with him might be the only thing on your mind, the only thing that you can think about.
Life can be unkind, and doesn't pass around a lot of second chances, but when it comes to relationships, if you do the right things, there is a chance you can find yourself back together with him.
Unfortunately, many women have no idea where to start to try to win back his love.
What they wind up doing is actually pushing their ex-boyfriend further away.
If you are serious about getting back together with your ex-boyfriend, there are steps you can follow, but you need to be both patient and persistent.
The fist thing you need to do in order to start down the path of getting back together is to admit to your role in the break up.
Chances are, if he was the one to initiate the breakup, that you feel he's the one to blame, and that's an easy feeling to have.
However, he wouldn't have ended the relationship if he was totally happy with it, a break up is hard, even if you are unhappy.
What you should do is think about the things you could have been doing, or not been doing, that may have played a role in creating the breakup.
If you actually did something specific, then it's easy to pinpoint, but it is more likely something subtle, or something that you were doing for most of you time together.
Either way, figuring it out is the first step.
The next one is to apologize for it.
The apology should be simple, not a long, rambling email or voice mail, and don't send him a present or flowers to make your point.
Just keep it simple, short, and to the point.
Once you've done that, it's time to give your ex-boyfriend some space.
You probably are desperate to call him, to see him, to talk with him.
You have a need to pick up the phone and try to "talk him out of it" or send him an email, or show up at his favorite coffee or book store.
Don't do it! You have to give him time and space, so that he can clear whatever caused the breakup out of his head, and he can start to miss you again.
Men can only fall back in love with their ex-girlfriends after they realize what they are missing, so you have to give him the change to do so.
It's going to be hard to let him live, and to give him space, but it's the only way to get him back.
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