Obesity In America - It"s a Problem, Don"t Go There

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As I travel the world, I note how Americans are overweight compared to other cultures, but why? Is it because we have plenty of food to eat? Is it that we sit around too much and don't exercise? Is it because of the types of food we eat; diet? What is going on here? Well, not long ago an acquaintance mentioned to me that she was cutting wheat out of her diet, well, not all wheat, but most of it.
Why? Well, some studies circulating suggest that there are enzymes which go to work in the stomach that play hell on the rest of your system, causing you to gain weight.
Is all of this true? According to some of these studies it seems that significantly cutting down on certain types of food we eat will help you drastically ditch the extra unwanted pounds.
Personally, I really don't want to give up my occasional Frappachino from Starbucks or my sodas, but I may have to taper off the sodas to 2-3 per day and Starbucks 2-times a week and no more.
That, I think would take off another 15 lbs.
which would have me able to be a daily runner again (like I was in my youth) without worrying about blowing out my knees someday.
If so, I'd probably be at a super great physique place, and they say the camera adds 5-10 lbs.
Indeed, with regards to too much bread and wheat products, I think cutting down on wheat has helped me.
In fact, I donated a bunch of XL golf shirts recently to the Goodwill Thrift Store as they no longer fit me - that's a good thing, but probably a small fortune in clothes over the years? I do believe if people change their diets, and those at risk of diabetes would eat more nectarines and such, we wouldn't have this terrible problem in our nation with obesity, it's all diet driven - processed foods, sugary crap, it's what's in ALL the processed foods, I just cringe when I read some of the ingredients some times.
People would have to run a half-marathon a day to use up that amount of carbs and crap we eat and not everyone can eat 6 boxes of pop-tart type pastries a day and look like Michael Phelps.
When my acquaintance spoke about the "wheat issues" I was shaking my head in agreement, that's about what I've come to realize in my research too.
I don't think we are eating the same wheat that our ancestors did, and certainly not in the right ratio compared to all the other crap people eat.
Further, I am pro-American farmer and believe that wheat is and has been part of our human diet for 10s of 1,000s of years, and that's a good thing - what's not is how much we eat, and how much other crap we eat, and how little other important things we eat.
Please consider all this and think on it.
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