Bedroom Crown Molding Decorating Ideas

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    Ornate Molding

    • Crown molding is available in both simple and ornate styles. Choose an ornate style of crown molding with significant carved details to add dramatic elegance to a master bedroom.

      Ornate molding is particularly fitting for a historical home; select a historically accurate molding to add charm and character to your bedroom. For example, craftsman style homes include molding with rosette accents and corner capstones while Victorian style homes incorporate elaborate floral flourishes in crown molding designs.

      In lieu of traditional white crown molding, consider natural wood molding that showcases the intricate detailing of the molding design. Pair ornate crown molding with elaborate window treatments with gold rope tie backs and bed linens with gold threading detail.

    Colored Molding

    • Most crown molding is sold in either white or natural, unfinished wood. For an unexpected burst of contrast, consider painting the crown molding in an alternative color to complement the wall color or room furnishings. Select a crown molding with a simple profile and limited detail word; ornate moldings will be overshadowed by the molding color, and the combination of a color and a pattern may be distracting in a bedroom. Consider a complementary color to the walls for the molding.

      One option is to paint the molding in a shade darker than the wall color; for example, pair a sky blue room with navy blue molding. For a more dramatic look, choose the wall's contrasting color for the molding; red walls pair with a teal or turquoise molding while yellow walls creating a striking contrast with cyan molding. For a more classic approach, paint the molding in a high gloss black to create a sophisticated contrast.

    Crown Paneling

    • If you are hoping to get creative with your crown molding, consider using the molding to create panels on the wall or ceiling. Cut several lengths of crown mold so they can be fitted into several simple rectangular or square panels. Depending on the size of your wall or ceiling, you may repeat several panels of the same size or opt to make two rows of panels in different sizes.

      For an understated look, simple secure the molding to the wall or ceiling to create the effect of frames. If you want something more dramatic, paint the inside of the panels a different shade than the surrounding walls. For an elegant design, fill the panels with gold or silver leaf to create a regal and romantic master bedroom.

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