Nuevo Portil Beach in Huelva Spain

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Nuevo Portil beach is made up of junipers, pines as well as the large sand banks as it is the case with most of the beaches found in Huelva. It sits on a rock formation's foot giving tourists and all other kinds of visitors a magnificent Atlantic Ocean view. The spot happens to be among the most popular in the region.

Even though this beach has been untouched for a very long time, modern facilities and buildings are coming up around it but are constructed in a way that they make a beautiful contrast with the natural grounds. There is simply the perfection of natural harmony.

Best travel time

When you have chosen Huelva as you destination and more especially looking forward to spending some quality time in the beach, summer months make the ideal time for your travel. This is because the months are less crowded and you will therefore mange to relax as you enjoy the various activities you can take part in while on the beach.

Fun activities

The Nuevo Portil beach does not disappoint when it comes to fun activities as there are plenty one can take part in. The most interesting is the golf courses found here one with as many holes as 36. There is also a sports center from where you can have fun in your most favorite sports or even take the chance to learn a new game. Visitors mostly love the marina center found in the region and for sure it is worth spending some time in.

Nature at its best

If you are more of a nature person, you will find the Rompido natural park found here very amusing. The means of transport to the park is a boat adding to the fun of the natural ground. It stretches to over 12km meaning you will have enough ground to explore.

The most interesting thing about the Park is that it is created by sediments which are normally brought by waves and wind. It keeps growing as time goes by with every year seeing to a growth of 40 meters to the park. There are hundreds of protected species in the park and is very popular with naturists.

MonumentsThe most interesting piece of history in the area is the San Miguel Castle. It is a Moorish castle and from where you will also find the Bronze Age archaeological remains.
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