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Jackson Pollock is considered by some critics to be the leading proponent of the American Modernist Movement.
Through his "dripped paintings", the artist historically broke from the conventions of traditional painting in America to introduce the modern movement of Abstract Expressionism.
His revolutionary painting style was to drip loads of paint from the can onto the canvas.
He then proceeded to paint, as written in the article by Francis O' Connor, in "free-associative gestures" that left streaks and splashes of color resembling no human figure or object on the canvas.
Pollock positioned his canvas on the floor or the wall instead of using the traditional easel.
Pollock also used, as a direct quote from the artist, "sticks, trowels and knives" instead of the usual brushes in paint application.
Just like most artists, Jackson Pollock's work was misunderstood and criticized apart from being patronized.
Just like most artists, he was a man totally ahead of his time and was criticized for his personally uncompromised views about art.
Just like most artists, today he is more famous than ever and his work is worth millions all over the world.
Argument can ensue over which of Pollock's painting are the best.
Nevertheless, some select pieces are most recognized due to their reproductions as poster prints.
Two of them include: oNo.
1, Lavender Mist, 1950- painted with oil, enamel and aluminum on canvas, is a collection of streaks, arcs and pools of black, white, and salmon colored paint.
He then added touches of lavender paint.
The painting has a soft, hazy and delicate effect.
Some online poster printing companies offer 50x40" and 87x118" unframed sizes of this poster.
oConvergence, 1953-painted with oil on canvas, this painting is characterized by dancing, dynamic streaks of red, blue, white and black paint.
The painting is 93 1/2 x 155" and can be found at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York.
Some poster prints online offer to print this poster at 40 x 28".
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