How to Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney

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Over the past two years we constantly hear the word "financial crisis" over and over and over again.
Day in and day out we hear about job losses, increasing unemployment and increasing foreclosures.
It is easy to say, "oh, that will never happen to me!" The truth is, the unexpected happens, and we are often times left scrambling to find solutions to some of life's most complex problems.
In this case we are talking about how to choose a bankruptcy attorney.
I hope that most people never have to experience this, but we live in a difficult world, and bankruptcy happens.
If you ever find yourself in financial hardship, and have a need for a bankruptcy attorney, here are a few things to ask yourself:
  1. Speak to the attorney yourself.
    Most bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations.
    They will either meet at your home, or will ask you to visit them in their office.
    It is common to receive an initial phone consultation to make sure that you do in fact qualify for filing for bankruptcy.
  2. Find out how much experience they have.
    In some situations a court hearing is not even necessary when filing for bankruptcy.
    One great way to find out how accomplished your bankruptcy attorney is, is to find out whether or not they have any trial experience.
  3. How much are you going to pay? Depending on where you live, a personal bankruptcy filing by an attorney can range from $1,000 to $3,500.
    When deciding which bankruptcy attorney you are going to be working with, do not always choose the cheapest one.
    Find out which attorney is the most qualified.
    You do not want to go with the cheaper, less experienced attorney, only to find out that your creditors are going to haunt you in the future!
  4. Discuss your options with several attorneys.
    Make sure that the bankruptcy attorney you are working with has your best interest at heart.
    Unfortunately there are several attorney out there that are quick to file your bankruptcy to get a few quick fees.
    By interviewing several attorneys you will receive the advice that you need, and you will be able to decide the course of action that you want to take.
  5. Check out ratings and reviews.
    There are several resources like FindLaw.
    com, or Justia.
    com that have extensive attorney profiles and reviews.
    Here you will not only be able to review recommended attorneys, but you will be able to see the other attorneys in your area.
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