Equipment You Need to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business

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So, you want to start a foreclosure cleanup business? Perfect timing, because the market is wide open and the industry needs you.
A recent RealtyTrac.
com report revealed that one in every 171 U.
households received a foreclosure filing during the second quarter of 2008.
Also, the report stated that 48 out of 50 states and 95 out of the country's biggest metro areas experienced an increase in foreclosure activity in early 2008.
How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business - Equipment, Supplies and Vehicles: Figuring Out What to Buy at the Startup Phase of Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business Many people want to know what to buy first when starting their business cleaning foreclosures.
The key is to buy a few necessities, but, really, start with what you have.
You can start out with a thirty thousand dollar truck, a moving van, and a fancy camper in which to haul all your equipment.
You can buy a five thousand dollar pressure washer and four hundred dollar ladder.
You can even purchase a 16K dumpster to toss all the debris in so you're not making all those trips to the dump yard.
Or, you can be sensible and start out with a dependable pickup truck and rent other vehicles and equipment as the jobs come in.
Use your local dump yard to dump debris.
Rent roll-off containers as you need them for larger jobs.
You will need a vehicle to haul stuff (pickup truck).
You need a trailer attachment so you can transport your lawn equipment (or sturdy ramps so you can get the equipment on and off your pickup truck).
You will need a moving truck from time to time (rent it!) to remove big items from homes (sofas, dressers, refrigerators, etc.
And you will need a place to dump things.
(Again, find your local dump yard and find out what they charge per load to dump.
) Just remember not to get in over your head with vehicles and equipment.
(Visit the Small Business Administration for detailed info on business startup.
) If the business is not paying for it, you can't afford it.
Rent the needed, more expensive equipment, or outsource the service, until your foreclosure cleanup business grows.
And it will if you do it slowly, sensibly, and don't get in over your head.
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