PRINCE 2 Certification in Delhi Is Best for Employment Opportunities

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The PRINCE2 certification has hogged a lot of limelight nowadays due to the tremendous response generated by many leading organizations all over the world. The certification programme in the project management field by the British government is also considered as one of the best programmes of international standards worldwide. Nowadays, many organizations have even started accepting the PRINCE2 method of work environment and are looking for PMP having this certification

The history of PRINCE2 or Project in controlled environment goes back to as early as 1975 when a project management method known as PROMPT was established by a firm known as Simpact Systems Ltd in that year. This method was substituted by PRINCE2 in 1975 and was then considered to be an accredited project management programme in various private sector organizations of the Government of UK.

However, its latest version PRINCE2 was published later in the year 1996 and acquired recommendations by about 150 European organizations. PRINCE2 certification has won accolades all over the world due to its international standards which has gone to an extent that many prominent organizations are seeking project management professionals who have this recognized certification.

However, it is a difficult task to obtain a certification programme in Delhi. There are basically two kind of qualification levels; PRINCE2 foundation and PRINCE2 practitioner. The first level is dedicated towards those people who are eager to learn about the basic steps and principles about the certification. On the other hand, the second level is dedicated towards the project management professionals who are looking towards upgrading their project management skills and working in a PRINCE2 environment. The certification examination for practitioner level is a tough one and consists of nine questions in each paper with 12 marks being available for each paper. The time allotted is two hours and thirty minutes and the passing marks is the 55% marks obtained in the examination. PRINCE2 certification is extremely necessary for the management professionals who are constantly managing the projects on a daily basis to upgrade their skills in successfully leading their team towards a successful execution of the project.

PRINCE2 certification enables the individual professionals, managers, directors and even organization to enhance the business prospects and upgrade the management skills of the professionals and the organization. Nowadays many organizations have set a necessity for the project management professionals to have this certification in order to work in a PRINCE2 environment.
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