How to Apply House Trim

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    • 1). Measure along the top horizontal span of the window, between the insides of the two upper corners. Mark it out on the trim with two pencil marks on the bottom edge.

    • 2). Lay the trim on your miter saw face up, with the bottom edge of the trim facing the blade and one mark lined up in front of the blade. Turn the blade to 45 degrees outward so it points at the close end of the trim. Make the cut.

    • 3). Slide the trim so the second mark is in front of the blade. Turn the blade to 45 degrees in the opposite direction so it again points to the close end of the trim. Cut it.

    • 4). Hold the piece over the window opening, lining up the bottom edge with the window casing and setting the two mitered cuts at the ends so they rise up and out over the two upper corners. Nail the piece in place with a finish nail gun, shooting the nails every 10 to 12 inches along the top and bottom edges of the piece.

    • 5). Repeat for each side of the window opening. The mitered ends of the trim pieces should butt together at the corners.

    • 6). Run beads of caulk along each line where the trim meets the wall surface.

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