Proper Salute

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    Proper Form

    • Upon one officer greeting another officer, both should stand up straight for a salute. The right hand should be raised straight and smartly above and slightly right of the right eye (or touching the bottom of headgear). Fingers and thumbs should be kept extended and joined together, with the forearm at a 45 degree and the upper arm horizontal. Those saluting should look each other directly in the eye. Once the officer has received a respond salute, his arm should should quickly return to his side.

    Who Salutes

    • All United States military officers are required to salute. Also salute officers of the United Nations when recognizing them as such. Never salute a petty or noncommissioned officer.


    • The military salute has nothing to do with inferiority and superiority of rank. When a lower ranked officer salutes a higher authority, it is a courtesy showing respect. It is similar to a young person holding a door and letting an elderly citizen walk through ahead of them first.

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