How to Recreate Your Time

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I remember as a child watching a television dramatization that dealt with the concept of God's time.
It had to have had an effect on me, because to this day I find measuring time to be a difficult thing.
In the musical Rent, they take a year and divide it into minutes.
They also correctly point out that that is a measurement of numbers not human interaction, clearly not the way to measure the life of a friend.
I have a few specific ways of measuring time.
My favorite way to measure time is through my annual luncheon with my former students.
I have ten or twelve students who I keep in contact with so that I can know where they are in their lives.
Many have gone on to great careers, having families and good lives.
I measure time through their growth.
I feel a great deal of pride when they tell me what a profound impact I had on their lives.
Another way I measure time is through my pets.
The past few years have not been a mixed bag in that way.
My wife and I have lost two dogs and three cats to old age and disease.
During those years, we have rescued two dogs and four cats from being euthanized.
So, in a way, my life's time is measured in the acquiring and passing of my animal companions.
All of these are valuable ways of looking at the passage of time.
We do not exist in a cocoon.
Every action we take has an effect on those around us.
Every action that takes place around us has an effect on us.
We do not always see the effect we have on others or the effect they have on us.
So much of that exists beneath the surface.
Like the slab of concrete at the bottom of a new building these events form a foundation that must be built upon.
We are the culmination of the times we have lived through.
Positive, negative, neutral these events that mark our time on this planet form us into the people we are.
Yet like the foundation of that building, those events can be hidden from public our own view and cause instability.
I read an incredible book Answer Cancer by Stephen C.
Parkhill which addresses our lives and how we need to keep them in balance.
Consider the word disease, not at ease.
When our lives fall out of balance, illness comes.
Genetically, our bodies have been programmed to fight illness; indeed, the attitude a person takes when they face an illness determines the outcome.
If doctors agree that we can improve our health through improving our perspective on life, using hypnosis to establish a more positive approach toward life is bound to be beneficial.
In the hypnotic state past events can be put into their proper perspective.
All the events that mark the times of our lives can be used to make our future more positive.
You just must agree to ask for the help.
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