How to Repair a Pool Expansion Joint

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    • 1). Roughen the area you are going to fix on your pool decking with a wire brush. You’ll want a surface that is that is rough and solid. Use your wire brush to scrape the area to be fixed until till it is rough to the touch.

    • 2). Clean your area that is to be repaired. You’ll need a clean area to do your repairs so that debris doesn’t stick in your caulking. If your deck is extremely dirty, use a pressure washer to make sure the area you are fixing is clean, making sure it’s clear of debris. Either way is acceptable as long as you have cleaned it thoroughly.

    • 3). Make sure your area is dry before proceeding. If you use a pressure washer, you may have to wait a little longer for your area to be dry enough to caulk. Either way, you will not want to try to repair the area if there is moisture left because your masking tape won’t stick and the caulk will be watered down. Keep in mind that using a pressure washer will also wet the surroundings so this is why it might take longer to dry or so that you have a work area clear of water.

    • 4). Apply masking tape a half inch apart to both sides of expansion joint. This will keep any caulk where it doesn’t go and any debris out of your caulk. It allows you a clear area in which to work with.

    • 5). Using a caulking gun, cut a small tip into the caulking tube and apply directly into the expansion joint with an elastomeric caulking. Elastomeric caulking is a latex sealant that is not only durable but you can paint it as well. It is also easier to apply and is easier to clean up.

    • 6). Wait approximately 3-4 hours for it to become tacky feeling. Cut the tip off of a larger angle caulking tube and apply a second coat over the first, covering the entire crack fully. You will again need to wait until this coat is almost dry.

    • 7). Smooth your caulk with the back of a plastic spoon and denatured alcohol. When dry, remove your tape and paint with the appropriate pool coating if needed to blend in newly patched area.

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