How to Clean a Wood Cutting Board of Onion Smell

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    • 1). Rinse the wood cutting board with lukewarm tap water.

    • 2). Fill a clean sink, bucket, or other container with enough white vinegar to submerge at least half of the wood cutting board.

    • 3). Fill the container with an equal amount of lukewarm water. Add more water, if necessary, so the board is completely submerged.

    • 4). Soak the cutting board for 30 minutes. Then, rinse the board thoroughly with lukewarm water.

    • 5). Place a couple of drops of liquid dish soap onto a wet sponge or dish scrubber, then scrub the wood cutting board.

    • 6). Rinse the cutting board once more to remove all the soap. Dry the board with a clean cloth, or let it air-dry.

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